Keith Girard

Baby Daddy? Did GOP Pal Take Fall for Trump in $1.6M Pregnant Model Payoff?

Donald Trump may have fathered a child with Playboy bunny Shera Bechard, who was paid $1.6 million for her silence–and an abortion–in a deal arranged by Trump lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen. The father has been identified in media reports as long-time Trump pal Elliott Broidy, a deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Committee. He was forced to resign as a result of the scandal.... Read More...

Servitude Returns: Trump Welfare Plan Will Tie Benefits to Back-Breaking Jobs

Donald Trump’s welfare overhaul will include new requirements that could force thousands of Americans to take back-breaking menial jobs to qualify for benefits. The changes go hand in hand with the rising “gig” economy which is already disenfranchising millions of young workers. The Trump administration and Republicans in Congress are already reviewing traditional safety net programs like food stamps, Medicaid and subsidized housing.... Read More...

Keith Girard

Keith Girard has 30 years of experience as an award-winning reporter, editor-in-chief, and senior media executive. Keith’s career began in Washington, D.C., where he was a reporter for The Washington Post and a contributing editor for Regardie's and Washingtonian magazines. He also worked as a writer/producer in CNN's Washington Bureau and has written one book on the U.S. Marines in the Gulf War.