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Trump, GOP Create a Debt Bomb as Deficit Swells From Massive Corporate Tax Cuts

Deficit To Hit $900B This Year,Top $1 Trillion Next

Donald Trump Deficit

Donald Trump believes massive corporate tax breaks will lead to higher growth. But deficit projections are not encouraging. (Collage: MPG)

Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress threw caution and six decades of GOP economic orthodoxy to the wind when they passed the massive, $1 trillion tax cut for corporations and the wealthy, As a result, the nation will reap a whirlwind of crushing debt that could have implications for generations to come, according to a new analysis.


Donald Trump Can’t Escape Truth on Late Night TV: Putin Owns Him (Watch)

Donald Trump Can’t Escaped Truth on Late Night TV: Putin Owns Him (Watch)

Donald Trump has gotten himself in another fine mess. If there was any doubt before, it’s clearly evident now: Vladimir Putin owns him. Now the only question is why? Despite all the TV news talking heads, late-night comedians, once again, seemed to put their fingers on the problem. “Why so bad?” Stephen Colbert asked. “Well, he was asked about Russian meddling about our election and whether he believed all our intelligence people or Putin,” he said.


Tale of Russian Women: Pussy Riot Bedevils Putin; Mariia Butina Is His Red Sparrow

Alleged Russian influence peddler Mariia Butina (left) and Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova. (Photos: IM Collage)

Pussy Riot, the all-female Russian punk-rock protest group, is a thorn in Vladimir Putin’s side. But their visage of feminist rebellion against Russia’s oppressive, male-dominated oligarchy, is a sharp contrast to their counterpart, Mariia Butina, the fetching Russian spy. The contrast was brought into sharp focus this week with Butina’s arrest for acting as a clandestine intermediary between the Kremlin and American officials, most notably those with the shadowy National Rifle Association (NRA).


Trump History of Lying, Bombast Undercut His Claims About N. Korea Summit

President Declares Victory, Grants Concessions, But Returns Empty-Handed From Talks

Donald Trump’s assurances about his North Korea summit are hard to swallow given his history of lying, exaggeration. (Photo: Getty)(Photo: Getty)

Donald Trump declared victory after his summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, but has little to show for the meeting, so far, except his own bombastic claims. A history of lying and exaggeration may be his worst enemy as he tries to sell the deal to the American public.


Baby Daddy? Did GOP Pal Take Fall for Trump in $1.6M Pregnant Model Payoff?

Circumstantial Evidence Fuels Theory Fixer Michael Cohen Acted on President's Behalf

Donald Trump Shera Bechard

Donald Trump may have fathered a child with Playboy model Shera Bechard that led to $1.6M payoff and an abortion. (Photo: IM Collage)

Donald Trump may have fathered a child with Playboy bunny Shera Bechard, who was paid $1.6 million for her silence–and an abortion–in a deal arranged by Trump lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen.


A Russian Red Sparrow Says She’s Ready To Sing About Trump-Russia Collusion

Nastya “Little Fish” Rybka Tied to Oligarch

Anastasia Vashukevich

Anastasia Vashukevich, a self-described Russian sex worker and former mistress to a Russian oligarch, says she has intel on Trump’s Russian connection. (Photo: Instagram)

Just as “Red Sparrow,” a movie about Russian femme fatale spies, hits the big screen, along comes Nastya “Little Fish” Rybka, claiming to have a real life story to tell about Russian intrigue involving the Kremlin and… you guessed it, Donald Trump.


Donald Trump Could be Linked to Putin Money Laundering Through Denmark Bank

German Bank With Trump Ties Implicated

Donald Trump could be linked to a new money laundering scheme tied to Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Photos: Getty)

Russian president Vladimir Putin’s family members and the FSB, Russia’s intelligence service, have been linked to the laundering of substantial amounts of money through the Estonian branch of Denmark’s biggest bank, according to a new report in a Danish business newspaper.


Servitude Returns: Trump Welfare Plan Will Tie Benefits to Back-Breaking Jobs

Move Goes Hand-in-Hand With Gig Economy

Eric Trump Vineyard

Eric Trump has been forced to hire foreign workers at his Virginia Vineyard but Trump’s welfare reforms may force Americans to take those jobs. (Photo: Getty)

Donald Trump’s welfare overhaul will include new requirements that could force thousands of Americans to take back-breaking menial jobs to qualify for benefits in what amounts to a form of servitude. The changes go hand in hand with the rising “gig” economy which is already disenfranchising millions of young workers.


Darkness at Noon: Trump’s Cynical Agenda Based on Racism, Hysteria and Fear

Donald Trump State of the Union

Donald Trump has stoked fear and hysteria to advance his cynical political agenda. (Photo: Getty)

Donald Trump has pushed the country to a dark precipice of hysteria and fear. The national mood is unparalleled since the 17th century Salem witch trials and the Red Scare of the 1950s, two of the darkest periods in U.S. history.


Rip Tide: Will Roy Moore Take Alabama Back to Era of Racism, White Supremacy?

Time to End Malignancy of Hate in Alabama

Roy Moore US Senate

Judge Roy Moore has put Alabama’s future on the line. Will it cling to its racist past or join the new South. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Roy Moore’s vision for America is grounded in the 1850s, an era he fondly recalled in a recent interview as a “great”time,,, when families were united — even though we had slavery. They cared for one another.” He couldn’t be more wrong about it then, or now.


Flashpoint: Trump Cynical Jerusalem Ploy Inflames Crisis to Save His Administration

Israel Could Be Left Twisting Slowly in the Wind

Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital had Steve Bannon’s finger prints all over it, in a cynical move to exploit an international flashpoint for domestic political gain. (Photo: Getty)

Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital provides the “flashpoint” that Trump has been seeking to save his political agenda and his administration in the face of the ever-encroaching Russia investigation.


Massacre President: Mass Shootings Soaring Under President Trump

Failing on Pledge to Keep America Safe

Donald Trump is fast becoming the massacre president. Mass shootings have soared during the first year of his administration, with no end in sight. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Donald Trump is fast becoming the “massacre president.” The number citizens killed or wounded in mass shootings is skyrocketing under his administration, putting it on a pace to become one of the bloodiest in modern political history.