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Trump Strong-Arms Chief Executives, While Pursuing Bogus Economic Policies

Trade Deals Falsely Blamed for Job Losses

The Port of Baltimore is a major transit point for U.S. exports. Trump’s war against U.S. trade agreements could hurt U.S. manufacturers in world markets. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Donald Trump is increasingly using strong-arm tactics to dictate business decisions that should be left to corporate boards, while he chases demons–better known as trade deals. If he keeps up, he will cause economic distortions and inefficiencies that could lead to a major trade war and a recession.


Rich Got Richer While Half the Nation Saw Wealth Decline to 1 Percent, Study Says

More Families Disenfranchised in America

The National Nurses United, and other workers protest against financial intuitions in New York City. A new study confirms growing income inequality and a growing concentration of wealth among the rich. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

If you’re poor in American you are not alone. Over the past 24 years, 50 percent of the nation saw their share of wealth fall to just 1 percent, while America’s richest families saw their wealth grow significantly, according to a new study. The findings confirm that a significant portion of society has been disenfranchised from the economy.